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Find mental health services
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Plymouth Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) provide help/treatment for young people with emotional, mental health & behavioural difficulties.

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Parents: get the help
you need

Packed with information for parents & carers, The Plymouth Parent Partnership’s website is easy to use and a great starting point if you’re bewildered about what to do.

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Take it for granted…

Give a Child a Chance grants are for children and young people with emotional, behavioural or mental health problems in the Plymouth and surrounding areas.

You can apply for a grant directly on this page, using the simple form below, or you can write to:

Nicky Evans
Give a Child a Chance Grant Applications
The Terraces
Mount Gould Hospital,
Plymouth PL4 7QD


We strive to be as flexible as possible and treat each case individually and sympathetically. To give you an idea, we approve grants for:

  • Equipment
  • Transport
  • Therapy
  • Educational aids
  • PCs and media
  • Help towards community based projects/groups
  • Building modifications
  • Activities

If in doubt, just ask! We’ve tried to make the grant process simple and quick. Families and community groups are positively encouraged to apply. Your application will be confidential and you should receive a definite answer from us within 28 days.

Need help but think you’re not eligible?

We’re only allowed to give grants to people who are receiving, or have received, help from Plymouth area mental health services. If you’re at all concerned about your child’s emotional and behavioural difficulties, you need to talk to one of the following first:

  • The SENCO or Parent Support Advisor at your child's school
  • Your GP, who can make a referral to CAMHS
  • The Plymouth Parent Partnership. Visit their website: loads of links to services for parents & carers

Application Form

Email Address:
Phone Number:
Currently registered with:

(Please name the mental health service your child is using, or has used in the past)

Your Application:

(Please say who the grant is for, why they need help and the amount you think you require. Your application can be on behalf of an individual, group or organisation.)


Give a Child a Chance support hub- Providing help & advice to SEN parents & guardians.

With the help of some local SEN parents we are aiming to set up a support hub very soon which will support, give advice & allow you to share tips on how to cope with all aspects of Child & Adolescent mental health.

Our aim is to give you a safe place so that you can share experiences, support one another and give each-other advice on coping mechanism, ideas and suggestions as well as hopefully meeting some new friends along the way that understand the daily struggles & challenges ...

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