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Find mental health services
in Plymouth

Plymouth Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) provide help/treatment for young people with emotional, mental health & behavioural difficulties.

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Parents: get the help
you need

Packed with information for parents & carers, The Plymouth Parent Partnership’s website is easy to use and a great starting point if you’re bewildered about what to do.

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Spread the message (and the wealth)

Give a Child a Chance needs to get our message out to the wider community. The objective: raise the charity’s profile so we can do even more for Plymouth children suffering mental health problems.

This is where you come in. Maybe you can help us to organise an event, or know of a business keen to sponsor a newsworthy community project, or perhaps you have a great fundraising idea. Whatever you can offer in time, ideas and skills would be very gratefully received. If you can help out in any way, please contact Nicky Evans on nevans@ace.plymouth.sch.uk or email your interest to givechildachance@sky.com. You can also use all the fundraising resources on our justgiving.com page.

Download our logo to use on promotional posters etc

If you need the logo in another format, please contact Nick Dellanno

The Ideas Bank

A few suggestions to get you started…

Some of the events we’ve done recently: summer fetes, ceilidhs, sporting events, charity ball, pub quiz nights and shop collections.

Things you could do yourself:

  • Got a big mouth? See if people will pay you to keep it closed all day!
  • Hold a heated pasty debate in your local town hall/community centre. Which are better – Cornish or Devon Pasties? Who really invented them? Blind tastings, granny’s recipes. A big bake off? Charge people to come to the show
  • Guess the baby competition with photos of your work colleagues as babies
  • There’s always bathing in a bath of beans. Some people actually enjoy this. Maybe that someone is you
  • Walk the neighbours’ dogs, donate the proceeds
  • Wash the whole street’s cars, donate the proceeds
  • Do a marathon on the spot. You can do it in your own home on a running machine. Better still, do it in a public space, shopping centre etc and take donations while you run. (You’ll need permission first)
  • Walk The Tamar to its source (get people to sponsor you to do it, of course)
  • Get your mates together for a 5-a-side tournament. Charge friends and family to watch
  • Hold a car boot sale. Either do your own stall, or set up a whole sale and charge rent to other stallholders. All rent money can go to GACAC
  • Hold an 80s fashion show
  • Get your boss to donate a day’s salary, answer the phones all day and learn how to do the filing
  • Have a karaoke evening and get people to pay to join in, or pay you not to sing
  • Guess how many xxx in a jar, letters in a document
  • Do a sponsored egg throwing competition (perfect for Easter)

Give a Child a Chance support hub- Providing help & advice to SEN parents & guardians.

With the help of some local SEN parents we are aiming to set up a support hub very soon which will support, give advice & allow you to share tips on how to cope with all aspects of Child & Adolescent mental health.

Our aim is to give you a safe place so that you can share experiences, support one another and give each-other advice on coping mechanism, ideas and suggestions as well as hopefully meeting some new friends along the way that understand the daily struggles & challenges ...

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Supporting Give a Child a Chance since 2005